Land of the honey and milk- by the lizard king - LHM

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 Perfect balance between honey and milk
Just like our famous Mother's Milkshake just with honey instead of strawberry


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2015-02-06 23:04
well after a good steeping time I have to say that this eliquid is unbelievable. its like sitting in a warm place on a winter evening and having a drink of warm milk with just enough of honey so it wont overwhelm you. by far my favourite yaeliq eliquid. I recommend this any time of the day.
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2015-09-30 11:44
Fantastic juice got it at 3mg with the booster and its so nice, gone through half a bottle in a week its that good!
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2015-12-04 15:20
Mark from Herzliya, Israel. After absolutely loving, LOVING Mother's Milkshake. I HAD to try this. Since I love cosmic fog's milk and honey .. I ordered this and was very impressed. The taste is JUST LOVELY. Anyone looking for a MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE version of CF Milk and Honey should look no further. The price is just SO GOOD. The quality is SUPERB. This juice and Yaeliq's juice give you a really CLEAN, "HEALTHY" vape.. it's hard to just sense the ingredients are all super high quality, and your body agrees with this. My second All day vape, after Mother's Milkshake (which also gives Unicorn Milk, Suicide Bunny, etc a run for their money.. LITERALLY. lol
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