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Yaeliq's fruit bar

Yaeliqs fruit bar
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Many of you asked so ...

We are proud to present the Yaeliq's fruit bar, here you can mix up to 4 different fruit to one juice,

You can read other's recommendations mixes received from us in the past.


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2014-05-12 12:37
Triple Berry A month or so back I asked Yizhaq Yaeliq Rozenburg for a custom flavor. When I received it, I opened it up right away and let its flavor pleasure my olfactories. I had to fill a tank and see if it vaped as good as it smelled. I anticipated its flavor. My mouth knew it was in for a treat. Sorry to say.... I did drool! Yes, this vape was spot on. Another awesome flavor creation. You can't go wrong with this one. Order it up, you won't be disappointed. Triple Berry recipe to follow: Black Berry Blue Berry Raspberry
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2014-05-12 12:37
honeydew watermelon cantaloupe was created for me by Roei and he named it Honey'elon. Its delicious!
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2014-07-08 03:23
Wish there was a flavor level on the new site fruit bar.
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2014-08-05 15:23
Ordered with Blood Orange, Dragon Fruit, Cranberry and Fig. I wanted something different and different is what I got! Very nice. The blood orange gives the vape a nice sour bite to counter the dragonberry, while the cranberry and fig add some tartness and complexity. My only complaint would be that I named my bottle on the site and it wasn't on the bottle. Obviously a superficial issue! Yaeliq's Fruit Bar is a great option.
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2014-08-30 19:30
i got strawberry banana with 100 vg.not much taste at all.maybe with 50/50 it might better
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2015-04-16 15:57
Mine came with a cracked bottle cap, and it had leaked to the point that i lost nearly 90% of it. Gotten contact with the support staff with picture as proof that delivery package was undamaged and is the bottle cap that was faulty. Recieved my refund immediately right after. Props to their customer services and well though responds.

My first mix (Plum 30% Guava 30% Pomegranate 30% Peach 10% Nic 6MG) was very close to what i expected in the beginning, i hope they can add Yaeliq's cooler as one of the option for menthol users like me. Overall im satisfied but short lifted with just 10% to vape with.
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2016-02-20 17:03
This was very smart to mix your own flavors. you can mix up to 4 different fruit to one juice.
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2017-11-16 20:46
I tried mango and blueberry and it was great!
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