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Acai Berry

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Sweet and strong flavor of acai berry

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2014-05-09 09:29
Another surprise as i have no idea what a acai berry is so yaeliq recommended it so i gave it a try and loved it got a big bottle on the way now.
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2014-05-09 10:10
I have tasted this flavor only in the mass produced "super juice smoothie" health food variety, so I have a difficult time determining how well I even know what an ACAI berry tastes like. What I CAN say is that this juice is TART and SWEET and DELICIOUS and I strongly recommend it to anyone who loves a good berry flavor. It's got a little bit of a blueberry or blackberry zing to it, possibly a hint of grape... but what I think it is...well, it's ACAI.
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2014-05-09 10:19
Never knew the taste of Acai berry and now thanks to YaELiq i search for it in stores to find out whether it actually is this amazing! It is so tasty, an ADV for sure! Enjoy to all those keen enough to take the step! U will enjoy!
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2014-05-27 19:21
Excellent smooth and a bit sweet flavor of the acai. My preferred vape
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