Wild Cherry

wild cherry
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Good taste of real fresh cherry

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2014-05-12 12:36
Tastes like Wild Cherry but it's too light, I was looking for a sweeter cherry. Will see how it seeps.
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2014-05-12 12:36
flavourful vape. Fun fact: tasted like banana right out of the mail, but has after a week settled to wild cherry. True cherry flavour.
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2015-02-03 20:06
I should have left mine alone.Sometimes you can overdo on the booster.It was good cherry flavor when I got it and would have gotten better byself in a week or 2 or 2 or 3 drops of booster.I didn't mean to put as much booster in as I did and I made it taste cough syrup like.But I use it for mixing with sweetart and watermelon and it turned out great.Now I know don't mess with a good thing.Test a little at a time and be patience.
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