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Sharp taste of Anise


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2014-05-11 16:06
I tried this one because I was curious about whether or not I would possibly like the flavor (as I do not care much for black licorice). As it turns out, it's a steady "all day vape" for me. I think for those that love menthol, this is a great alternative. It has a bit of a kick to it and leaves your mouth with a satisfying sweetness that is hard to define. It's definitely "licorice-y" and many I've let sample it say it is not for them. Strangely enough, I love it and am already adding a 2nd 100ml bottle to my next order. For those menthol lovers out there - anise menthol makes a wonderful blend.
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2014-05-19 22:06
Recieved my latest Yaeliq order today and popped this one into a fresh tank. Any Scandinavian will love this juice. Very nice licorice flavour and likely to become my all day vape.
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2014-06-11 04:50
if you like anise this juice its just completely delicious. i just taste it today after 1 month of steeping so far its my preffered and its my all day vape 50/50 pgvg nothing add or boost thanks alot Yaeliq team
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2014-08-05 15:20
Ordered in 100VG for dripping. Not much to say, simply a delicious, strong anise flavor. Clears the sinuses and freshens your breath! A nice change for those who like cool or menthol flavors. Is delicious mixed with some cooler add-on as well.
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