Peach Breeze

Peach Breeze
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Great mix of rum and peach. We recommending adding coolness to this one.

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2014-05-13 10:41
I must say, this is a very tasty e-liquid, even fresh out the mail (14 days)!!!I tried the watermelon version of this and this flavor is awesome. I got a 50/50 mix 6MG Nic by far this is a awesome mix. Perfect mix of peach and rum!!! with a mild hit of coolness! Gonna let it steep a little more, but its great!This is a great add on to my collection!
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2014-05-13 10:42
Received a sample of this and wow the peach flavor is fantastic! It reminds me of the canned peach pie filling. In your face flavor . I really didn't taste the rum though. I'll be ordering this soon .
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2016-02-24 07:29
I ordered this @ 50/50 15mg (for my wife), 1 cooler, 3 sweetness. Great vape. Easily an ADV for my wife. For me the vapor production is satisfactory as you would expect with a 50/50, the throat hit is not there. But again I am used to 21-24mg nic level so that is most likely the reason. The flavor is outstanding. Perfect balance of peach and rum and it's weird because on the exhale I get the cool throat hit and I get a taste of honey. The after taste for me is very honey like. Either way a great vape.