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Fresh, sweet and sour taste of real Lemonade (Recommended to add cooler and/or menthol)


Tank Cracker

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2014-05-13 10:33
This is really great on it's own, but I have found by adding a bit of the Yaeliq's Blueberry and a couple of drops of menthol, I have created a masterpiece! TY Yaeliq, you are a master juicer!
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2014-05-13 10:34
Great flavour, would recommend this to anyone who enjoys lemonade flavours. You will not be disappointed!
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2014-05-13 10:34
This is NOT Lemonade to me Maybe I've got this wrong, but Lemonade to me is a fresh, sour Citrus. This is a Mint- flavor. I do not get any sour and sertainly not any citrus. I get a mellow mint with hints of mild tobacco(?). It doesn't taste bad at all! Only not at all what I expected.. It could definately work as an ADV if you like mint though. I suggest Yaeliq to keep this juice, but renaming it to something more fitting. (Ordered all standard, 12mg.)