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Very sharp and strong flavor of Absinthe type flavor

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2014-05-13 10:04
I ordered this as my 'Free' drink for the New Year special. Now I am not an Absinthe, or liquorice lover by any means; yeah, I can eat liquorice, but it is definitely not something I would normally choose as a flavour to vape, but I tried this flavour recently from another vendor and was surprised that I actually enjoyed it, so I decided to select Yaeliq's Abstinthe as my free drink. This is so much better. For me, the flavour is spot on, not overpowering in any way. It is also very smooth and leaves a great aftertaste. It may be just me, but on the inhale, I get the slightest hint of a very subtle, velvety Vanilla. There is probably none in it and it may just be the smoothness of the flavours, but there is a very subtle and pleasant, something else in it. The exhale and after taste is all Absinthe. Even if this is not your thing, I would definitely recommend you give it a try, as it is something that can be easily vaped as an alternative to your usual flavours.
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2014-05-13 10:05
I am down on my second bottle of this juice, a very well balanced absinth licorice being present but not the dominant flavor. It has been my all day for the late automn (switched to vanilla custard for cold season...absinth being refreshing it doesn't fit my "winter appetites") Using 100% VG I am used to "greasy" juices (and this one is dense for sure) but surprisingly doesn't dirties my atos...(mainly vaped on RSST MC cotton and Fogger Mesh ekowool) Tip: this juice can stand a decent amount of watt before getting "burned" so you can "abuse" on your setup ! Again thanks to you for this pleasant vapor... PS: I still see lots of juices tempting me from your collection
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2017-03-28 10:41
Amazing, no hint of artificial flavor or aftertaste. A great balance of the licorice flavor in the vape. This is one of my favorites from Yaeliq. In fact I have not had another brand of juice that is even close to the flavors Yaeliq puts out. I was recently in a vape store with my son in law while he was shopping there. I tried at least a dozen of their flavors, not one of them would I consider wasting my money on, Yaeliq has me spoiled.
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