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Our unique combine of Tobacco and Berries medium sweet medium strong-great for all day Vape

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This to me taste like a light pipe tobacco with just a hint of berry. So far the only tobacco flavor I have enjoyed vapeing. Excellent flavor.
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Pretty solid tobacco! Myself, I would have liked a little more tobacco with a little less berry but that doesnt mean I didnt like it! I just like my tobaccos strong! Very good blend... Nice for an all day vape! Not too overpowering. Nice work!
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Only got a sampler with no boosters whatsoever. And it doesn't need any either. When you fry this juice on 12-13 Watts, a lot of different flavours come out. Simply perfect...
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I LOVE this juice.... everyone I've let try it LOVES it. It's a perfect mixture of berries and tobacco. I taste the berries a little more then the tobacco and its fantastic. Has been my ADV for over a month.
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This is a very tasty flavor!! It has a mellow tobacco flavor and a very good blend of berries all in one. This is one of my ADV and gets better when steeped. Reminds me of a good Hookah berry flavor. Will get more when I get low on mines. Thanks Yaeliq!!!
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Until now I wasn't in berry flavors but this is heaven,a real natural fruit flavors melting over beautiful tobacco taste Excellent
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Nice taste with nice berrys. the Tobacco is present, but not to strong. I like it a lot, but I recommend one step up on the flavouring to get a five-star.
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Excellent flavor perfect mixture of berries and tobacco nice berrys taste will get more my ADV.
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2014-12-02 09:05
Quickly became a favorite, especially after adding the booster.
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